Foreign Flow


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Inspiration comes like trade winds blow, in secluded places tree tops sway.

Finances go against tides flow and the grey of stormy waves.

Love slips from lips, rising straight and high, like adolescence’s favorite red apple gift.

Tear drops ease droughts prayer, falling free from pained cheeks

slapped, by realities chastisement

These words flow

Not from experience or overcoming, but from foreign feelings linked to an existence unknown

Words stolen from She, who’s cries became mute resting on deaf ears.

Emotions strong, passionate, driven, yearning, reaching, and burning

finding fingered stories told, italic and bold,

These words flow

Edifying my soul, freeing my mind, innervating my prodigal hands to prose.

Written to eyes, spoken for ears that turn voice to converse conversation’s whisper

and calmly, soothes her soul.

©N.N.Williams 2012, all rights reserved.


Lost Echo


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It has been a long time since I have posted anything to my blog, since I have had any drive to feel or write. The feelings that my inspiration had forsaken me became stronger than my will to express. I was left with an overwhelming feeling of emptiness and void. The inner desire that moved pen to hand picking me up when I was down and at times catapulting me into cloud nine, had abandoned reign and my emotions became stagnant. I was left in limbo.

Thoughts in mind never connected with the strings of my heart. I had lost my one true passionate desire, my love, my voice, my inner me.

Well, thanks a bunch for listening/reading

I’m back!




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Everything, he is everything to me
Keeper, confidant, master and friend
Protector from all that is evil
Faith in times of disbelief
Light in hours darkest night
In chaos he is the serenity of mind
Omnipotent, creator of all that is good
Forgiver of my sins time and again
He is my shepherd
Stronghold and fortress
In him I put my trust
Under outstretched wing I abide
He is help in the time of need
Unselfishly dying to set me free
Sovereign Lord and all
He is my God.

© N.N.Williams 2012


Love’s Compilation


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Love envies the way you touch me
Lust longs for the way you love
Laying here in childish gaze, smiling just because
Wrap your hands around my body, feel present moments tug
Let the skies burst wide open so we can fall in love

Forego your needing body, win the keys to my soul
Grant me your trust, only you can make me whole
Lover lay down, let’s talk, all night
Caress me with the lips that say you’ll love me for life

Undress me with those eyes, that never say goodbye
Reveal what’s on your mind, I will share the thoughts on mine
Let’s get caught up in the middle
Cuddle on the outskirts of time
Let heaven mirror images of our ways with crashing tides

Become the perfect storm beating on my window pane
Hold me in your arms, pluck the strings of night till day
Be my symphony, echoing duet, of you and me
I’ll be your greek philosopher, your Plato, Socrates
Let us write this eve in systemic scheme, align the stars above
And I promise to devote to you
A love beyond unknown

© N.N.Williams 2012, all rights reserved.



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I have this guilt, but I don’t know why
brewing, searing, surly, filling my insides.
Welling up in blocked ducts that release from my eyes,
weakened I buckle, flop down, I cry.

I feel guilty and I don’t know why
Maybe from the promises that someone made me,
one eve, two rings that were never set free;
Or mishaps from a yes, increased stress,
what a mess that became to be.

Perhaps for living, eyes wide shut
Cursed with pride, to blind to see
Seeking for ways to liberate me
The thoughts of never…
No, whatever, that, couldn’t possibly be.

Cull this guilt, you bastard guilt

Overtaken with refute
Confounded in ties
Hidden in lines
Consumed with why’s
Perhaps the feelings that arise are mine to co-sign,
accept, claim and then, let die.

© N.N.Williams 2012, all rights reserved.


Rising Desire


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This feeling inside me, flaming, rising
Instigating the essence of my soul
Calling to capture
I’m praying for rapture
Ascending free from this burning hold
Afflicted, Tormented 
Desires appealing
The evening’s broom by which they ride
The knock, the answer
Change pace, much faster
By chance or foreshadowed night to be
My bed these sheets
Strong will made weak
Ushering recurring moments that peak
Actions more bold, no shame take hold
And bring me to satisfying release

© N.N.Williams 2012, all rights reserved. 



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She awes the universe with her astonishing beauty

Upstages beauty with her smile

Her touch is softer than the spin of silk worms

She models out her style

A voice that hums with symphonic pitch

Motions that shape the sky

Her shadow beckons the spherical moon

The seas glimmer in her eyes

Beyond the stars her name is heard, angelic if I may say

Her kiss brings bliss, utter happiness and banishes sorrow’s care away

Tangible, elegant, everything excellent, no other can lay claim

Worlds consent and heavens gift,

Life she breathes

She takes my breath away.

© N.N.Williams 2012, all rights reserved.



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A new beat in my heart

Renewed pep in my step

I inhale and expand wearied lungs to familiar life.

Budding with the season, brightened day flourishes a faded smile.

I am showered by warm rains of affection.

Deliberate in stance, face pointed skyward,

I delight in the wetness that penetrates my skin.

As the rain trickles off my face and rests upon my breasts,

I exhale and feel accelerated consciousness pulse through my veins.

Restored to purpose,

comforted with favorable passage,

I traverse this path with affirmation that, as I lay me down to sleep…

tomorrow, I will emerge elated once again.

© N.N.Williams 2012, all rights reserved.


A Day


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Whispering pines that speak to me, cinnamon breeds, sycamore trees, amongst oak, rock and lazy devils are where I lie.

Promiscuous rays, warmth of satin settling, the nestling sun resting prone against my skin.

Melting breezes springing over waterfalls, to a river with no end.

What a day I’m having

What a way to get away

To remember my smile again

Miles beyond smog’s hustle and bustle, tranquil vicinity relaxes me.

Elevated to mountains peak I embrace the freedom to breathe.

Barefoot travels pumice rough edges, cleansed, purity from life stained.

My smiles are with the clouds, a cove so beautiful, a wearied mind will rest this day away.

What a day I’m having

What a way to get away

To remember my smile again

Connections lost, all cares are drowned, on the beauty of this heavenly sound.

Seduced by scents of suckle and honey, awed by roses intent.

What a day I’m having

What a way to get away

To remember my smile again.

© N.N.Wiliams 2012

My Cry


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If I could dry the tears from your eyes to make you cry for me differently, would you allow me inside?

If I could make your wildest dreams in a moments reality come true, would you allow my touch to implicitly rock you?

In my mind’s eye pleasure and passions of you I spy.

Lustful trysts and satin bliss that stroke me to numb

Moans that grow in awe and echo like oceans ebb and flow I,

I rise in you like girth swells man, pulsating and gyrating against lips who lactate and nipples that stand.

As I glide all over your flesh, let me hide myself in you like rocks of age and fossils engrained.

As glass groomed in sand our bodies collide.

Feeling heaven, I am high.

Naturally and compulsively I continue to gamble on lady luck, wishing this could be my million dollar buck.

A deja dream come true, this intricate quest I impose upon you.


I end where I begin, just to stop at my end, I ask again,

If I could dry the tears from your eyes to make you cry for me differently, would you allow me inside?

© N.N.Williams, all rights reserved

Morning Erection


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It’s morning.

I awakened sluggish, in hardened curved shape.

Stiffened by motionless slumber, I seek release from this paining ache.

A sun rising quickie to ease transition of night to day.

Turning over with hands I feel for the object of my affection.

I seek to burrow myself deep into the wet warmth that pleasures me so.

Careful not to enjoy the intracacies of my desire too much, or move to fast,

I slow motion to rise with formed vessel in hand and with firm grip,

I execute thought with eyes closed.

My mind and my body ascend, releasing the tensions that binds me so.

Lips pursed in exhale, I experience the grinding flavor and aromas that keep me returning for more.

Apt, skilled and with flowing anticipation,

I sip,

I taste,

I swallow and enjoy my wonder mouthful of coffee.

© N.N.Williams 2012, all rights reserved.

She Is


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She is a desire deep, passion instilled

She is the end of the rainbow and the rain-soaked bow

A delicate blossom in haste sought, she is

She is a wish upon a star, a centric felt demand

The love when wanted and the need of night

She’s the reason you ache, your fills, tremor and release

That quiet kept secret resonating in the season of loneliness

Golden and pure, she is an element of discovery

She is free, a reflection of disbelief

She is

She is so beautiful

She, is you.

© N.N.Williams 2009, revised 2012