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You are that hidden blessing in a portrait,

the astonishing beauty in the withering rose.

You are the scent of a women in bloom and essence,

that calm over me in the midst of my storm.

You are the burning candle on a rainy eve

and the satin sheets against my heart,

the echo of a thousand whispers

and ecstasy of a million times,

you are my moon of night.

You are my wish upon the distant star,

the endlessness of a fiery comets trail.

The reflection in a mirror less image,

you are my frown turned upside down.

You are my chaos, my sanity, the anger of heart,

and the strength that beats it through.

You are that childlike shyness, the passion of the mist,

the four letter word and a gift of gold.

You are everything to me and nothing at all

yet you exist, for you will never die.

Underestimated you are, for lack of praise you go without

but with purpose you flourish through a smile or midnight kiss

and though seemingly dull you continue to shine with invisible invisibility.

You are flawless in the eye of the beholder

You are loves, hidden beauty

© 2009 N.N.Williams