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Forget my actions, but never forget my heart.

In all my confusion I find comfort and peace with you,

I lay my sorrows to rest in your eyes and my pain to repose in your bosom.

Wherever your thoughts may lead the heart, my tomorrow is not promised.

So tonight, know that I love you more than anything that hath breath on this earth,

more than anything above the heavens reaching to depths beneath the sea.

However flawed I am, my love is not.

What and who I am truly inside is a place of bane and echo, but you are the hidden soul that calms my daemons,

the calm that renders the moon to sun, seeding a smile to my heart and lips.

For this I say, forget my actions but never forget my heart,

Forget my actions but never forget my heart,

because it’s with my heart that, I love you.

© N.N.Williams 2011