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A time in a place of lossless thoughts,

I am the mind of a nomad.

Remembering the when and what, seeing the how and why,

I remember

Being stagnated in a place of hasten waters,

I am the soul of an unborn.

Remembering the past of another, living the future of the stars

I remember

I remember a day of hope and wonder

in a space of timeless hearts and regret.

With metals of purity and golden scents of franken

I ponder the many

Thoughts of old and of new,

I remember

I remember the salty urges of lust,

the sultry sounds of the night, the decline of high midday

I remember the beat of holes in socks worn black

and the ruffage of life on grains of sand.

I remember you in the life of another

Purist of mind rooted within the core of lava,

Love in essence known but never truly found

Sweat as beads of rain flowing off the back of the seeker never to find,

I remember

I remember saying never and then doing,

becoming old yet, feeling young

compromising without forgiveness

and feelings of connection floating in the vastness of solitude and alone.

I remember standards of old, lynchings, burnings, hangings,

apartheid, segregation, eyes of colour, seats of a child raised in hate

I remember… the change because He had a dream

Grandma’s stories of her father who’s father spoke and died to be free

I remember victory

I remember the sun

I remember the moon, stars and clouds in a twinkling to be created by one.

I remember who I sit next to now, the hand of colour and ivory entwined to blend as won

I remember, I remember, I remember

but the question is…will you?

© N.N.Williams 2011 0423110412