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I’m giving it all up, giving it back.

I wash my tongue, my hands and my hands again of residual stain and color.

Colder than historically discovered core ice in the Artic, I’m cleansed by frost and sickles.

Deposits of just a memory where the cadence of warmth, once symphonic, now declines to unbearable creaks of worn floor board splintered.

With a failed heart, I’m on the brink of collapse.

I’m giving back all the promises of yester, all the I wills of tomorrow, all the stolen smiles of today and my peace of night for an eternity.

Living in life lapse, I have discovered the great give back is not of selfless notion, but one of alternate motive and selfish behavior.

One of outward praise and chaotic silence,

One to abolish pensive responsibility, ownership of all..

I purposefully digress to jibber in hopes to forget my purpose, my mind in proper, my ability.

Once a child in haste transformation to full on adulthood, I regret and seek the give back.

All hopes, dreams and wishes

All trysts, ties and bonds

All sorrows and faux countenance of everything ire, I give back.

I give back in hopes to buy back the black Friday that I lost, you.

© N.N.Williams 2011 1411