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In the mist I find solitude, peace in sight and focus of mind.

Wet, surrounded by inhales of molded dew, I experience darkness.

In the mist my arms extend, mouth open, head back, tongue far stretched, senses

elevated, I taste life.

I feel the desperation to breathe subside.

It is in the mist I no longer feel amiss.

It is in the mist I have strength to stand.

Endure my aches, my pains, stressors and self made mess..

The mist

I hear the howls of rage rising from the bowels aged.

I hear the rush of blood beating against the valves of my weary heart.

Shh the mist whispers

I listen

Shh with a finger pressed against my supple lips, I quiver but am not afraid.

For it’s the mist that holds me, babes my ego, thrusts me to responsive action,

empowers my will to live and encourages my mistakes to learn on.

With my eyes closed I feel the warmth and brightness of the sun.

I feel the unending rain dry up as an emotionless tear upon my face.

The mist is gone.

I thrive in the womb of the mist

Seeking permanent refuge I am refused

For this is but for time come,

from the mist I have just been reborn, a new life begun.

© N.N.Williams 2011