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I am a bitch, I am a fool,

I am anger, lust and passion defined.

I am the “sorry” and alone I am yours.

I am drunk, but sober in you.

I am nothing an invisible wind,

I am, I just am.

Beyond the sunrise I see, far beyond the shadows I am destined to be.

Floored and adored, I am,

A whisper of enchantment, I aim to be.

Beautiful like the hidden rose, hideous thoughts you wish to erode.

As boisterous as an orchid’s bloom,

I beat at your walls, break into your rooms.

I am, I will be.

I shall continue to rise, higher than the raging sea, soaring above the clouds that be.

I am all that you want, what your heart will never utter

All that you hate, the things you can not take.

I am every desire, your pleasure, that sinful taboo

I am blazing, your sweat and grinding heat, the penetrating rain dripping from your feet.

Here I stand never to leave,

I am.

I am love.

© N.N.Williams 2009