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Just let me taste the nectar of your world.

Let the energy flow.

Your taste to my buds and let us reminisce sensuality as deja vu.

Place your heart upon this pillow of love and take mine hand, as we travel this distant trip to my soul.

Usher your hesitation away with ecstasy.

Become wisdom whimpering seasons of lust.

This brown of skin, your hips my thighs,

both our bodies entwined.

Others dredge thoughts for enlightenment but can not fathom all the depths of this ocean in love.

Be this, exist beside me from within.

Infatuate in fondness of enchantment.

Promise me forever in a day and your warmth upon night.

Let your lips part to utter my salvation, for you hold my essence in heart.

Let this adoration guide the falls of paradise and even though I shan’t swear,

I do and will forever with you.

© N.N.Williams 2009