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Uncontested and underrated is, unconditional.

Insurmountable and tangible is, what one expects.

Promises formed in arousal, sexual ecstasy,

dreamed up fantasy and forgotten trust.

Unconditional is, as unconditional does,

never one to realize how conditional the “un” becomes,

or how real the lies really were.

Vows that bow to breaks leading to falls from heights unseen,

fairy tales foreshadowing a lover’s heart and hidden true deeds.

Come on baby, you know my love is unconditional.

One side step by step,

I step on do and you rise higher than we, soaring in clouds so thick

neither of us can see that, unconditional became the vernacular

of what we wanted it to be.

But, I love you and I need you and I’ll have you as long as,

the costume fits, you come 5’6 with, thighs thick, eyes brown,

sit down when I frown, say yes to my mess,

written lines memorized, stand in this square and always be aware

as simple conditions, just my rendition of

un-conditional love.

© N.N.Williams 2012