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My mind fell so deep into thoughts of thinking of you

Wondering if you were ok, wishing that thread counts babe your countenance to a peaceful slumber.

These things I think and feel albeit wrong and inappropriate,

I hasten to echo my thoughts from this lonely corner of my depths.

I envision your smile, bright and perfect.

I feel your nature strong with poise.

Your joyous laughter bellows within and yet, I wonder.

I wonder of a wish that beckons you to thoughts of me.

A wish of orgasmic trysts, cameras, cuffs, whips of cream

and beatings that only exist within your most secrete of dreams.

Wishes welled and deep flowing like the ripples made from tear drops sinking on your body ripped,

God damn I wish!

I wish the eye in me,

the we that seeds your hardness in she.

The wish that ish’ is so ridiculous, the come to me that cums indeed.

The sweat that drips from soaked sponges wet,

the mesh that binds our grind into something off the table of elements.

It’s, it’s me and I still wish.

Wishing for four-score and seven years on my back beneath thee.

Wishing wars in lust, passion in pain and collides that seduce to produce the product

on my skin brown waiting to be found,

I wish and I wonder and I wish, that

I could simply tell you.

© N.N.Williams 2011