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It’s just a text.

A simple fuckin’ text, but my body responds and leaves my, feminine wet.

Jest in text, now I want sex and sex and more passionate fuckin’ sex

but still sex and sex with you.

Black pearls and lace, blind folds and whips with clips of taboo

that echo in the background.

Nude on my back I desire to be found.

Miles between my thighs and in my bed I’m high, riding cloud nine.

I find rest without regret to attest the best in moments like these when,

the sweat drips from my lips and swears slip off my tongue.

I admit you’ve won so we’re done and

I’m tired but inspired still dripping, straight tripping off the x in text.

It’s silent again with nothing to do, looking down, chime in anew,

tsk tsk,

I guess now it’s time for text, round two.

© N.N.Williams 2012