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Water welled up cupping over sand and stone,

more blue than the sea’s reflection mirrored in an upward gaze.

Humidity high, dripping with no hope of soaking in to a mind of protest from

drought and famine, I’m lost seeking to find.

Are you out there somewhere waiting for me, as I search myself for you?

In an instant I find I am alone, misty eyed and blue.

Un-tempered in a universe fitted and sized, my cares cry louder

than the claps of gods that create immortal revelations of thunder.

Yesterday created Genesis.

A millennia pressed in books to erase an eye for an eye, but I find myself

inert in Exodus and second in praise-less testament.

Blind in darkness I struggle to see past the misty blue.

I’m consumed in my search for you.

Nameless I call out, aimless in reach, I paw undiscovered and flawed.

Still, I seek for you in an image that begets she who brought forth rooted

wombs that spring me to be naked and ashamed.

I fail to see the portrait drawn, vision taut, tunneled, misty eyed and blue.

Detached, I’m dragging, drowning in Jonah’s whale, receiving Judah’s fate.

Severed from ties reflected in cinematic shots of bladed knives

dancing on my Achilles,

I hang, prolonging my quest to find the object of my desire.

I lay limp, bowed, on bended, palms tied.

In a box I silently reply, Father I have sinned a thousand times

and will a thousand times more, rambling on past the

Hail Marys to the bless me’s to see past the end.

Bless me just enough to find the one that daily dies and is me inside.

© N.N.Williams 2012