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Rest your senses on my curves and let your tips feel me.

Close your eyes and let your heart see my soul.

These curves respond in slow roll.

Allow your lips to part, speak command to my weakness.

Stroke my cares with your tension, exhale slowly till your love finds me,

digs deep to penetrate me, becomes me.

Bring rise to flesh lusted in bond, be my suitor, take mine hands and wrap them around your vision.

Inhale the scent of two forged to one in ancient rhythm abiding to laws of the earth, moon, stars and sun,

I’ll be your concubine of one.

A premonition of yesterday’s groove at tomorrows pace, with positions and dimensions of futuristic prisms,

I take thee into me, as these curves lead you to proposition in emotional frenzy.

Calling my name to ease your pain, I shan’t veer these curves to cease.

This drunken motion rhythmic in repetition moving just right to tease

and tease to please the fiery flame seething within me.

Sustained in exhale, exposed, eyes closed, feeling curves with hands, seeing it all,

skin flushed, wet with sweat I’m tired, spent, conceding these curves to rest.


© N.N.Williams 2012