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I am loving, all caring

The best thing since slice bread.

The greatest since the first Ex,

more profound than your future love sutures,

I’m a lie.

I am the love Whitney sang that became a radio great.

The tap on the door that keeps you cumin’ to open it.

The soothing to your ache and pain when you need it,

I’m heartless love, I am the lie.

Selfless with selfish intent,

I sacrifice for you what you couldn’t for me.

The backbone when in need and the spine when you cried,

unappreciated, removed,

I live a lie, I’m dead inside.

I am silent when stressed, a flaw from a tortuous beginning.

Tears lack when there’s cause, a fail to admit that I’m human,

I remember my pride.

Forgetting I bleed like you bleed and cry when you cry,

yet my cheeks remain dry as the tears flow inside misleading the belief, in the lie.

The love I provide nothing can shake or compare when we’re there

knowing this further enhances the truth to words like cherish in premier

standings next to nouns like You.

Deceit, the lie and the trust lies cold, earmarked, growing old, mute to a future untold.

Sold to ideas of the mind that harvest unjustly pickings before its season,

reaping’s of false hope, lack of understanding, miscommunication.

Reruns that skip past true remembrance to play stagnant scenes in a sea of unwanted despair.

Do spare me the part that were through,

the lies about what you believe from these lips to be true.

You know what this is and my needs for you.

The lie is, I hate you, I don’t need you, but I need you.

You wasted my time that I yearn to waste more of, I can’t stand you.

Now tell me the truths, my soul misses you.

My heart stains crimson in sadness because you’re not around.

I think too much about minutes turned days and the weeks my heart spends skipping beats,

beating half without the whole.

Complete me without the lie and the lie will fade to a brightened truth.

Love is stronger than pride and the flaws of you and I

Tell me, is this really the lie?


© N.N.Williams 2012