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Can we come together, once just once?

Release the hand and heart that lay bound by seeded poignant thoughts

Can we converse till tantalizing emotions start?

See past the hatred.

Fancy to pursue peace through walls of stone;

past delusions of self-proclaimed remedy, beyond desires to be alone,

but alone with intimate thoughts of what could…

Once, can we just be?

With nails embedded in and salacity between the beds of our skin,

only once, once more converse, talk dirty to me.

Whisper to me with lips that part the most silent of whispers,

draw me unto thine bed, talk with me.

Utter things of yielding nature.

Manifest knowledge of me in carnal ways with movements that make hips sway in close quarters;

spacing of miles from breasts and legs outstretched before the coolness of heaven,

sprawling amidst brazen flames that burn beneath,

nourish me.

Nurse me with your sustenance and teach me to be sustained.

Teach me to speak, for I have forgotten.

Converse, talk dirty to me that I may break silence and begin a conversation with you.

© N.N.Williams 2012