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It’s morning.

I awakened sluggish, in hardened curved shape.

Stiffened by motionless slumber, I seek release from this paining ache.

A sun rising quickie to ease transition of night to day.

Turning over with hands I feel for the object of my affection.

I seek to burrow myself deep into the wet warmth that pleasures me so.

Careful not to enjoy the intracacies of my desire too much, or move to fast,

I slow motion to rise with formed vessel in hand and with firm grip,

I execute thought with eyes closed.

My mind and my body ascend, releasing the tensions that binds me so.

Lips pursed in exhale, I experience the grinding flavor and aromas that keep me returning for more.

Apt, skilled and with flowing anticipation,

I sip,

I taste,

I swallow and enjoy my wonder mouthful of coffee.

ยฉ N.N.Williams 2012, all rights reserved.