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Love envies the way you touch me
Lust longs for the way you love
Laying here in childish gaze, smiling just because
Wrap your hands around my body, feel present moments tug
Let the skies burst wide open so we can fall in love

Forego your needing body, win the keys to my soul
Grant me your trust, only you can make me whole
Lover lay down, let’s talk, all night
Caress me with the lips that say you’ll love me for life

Undress me with those eyes, that never say goodbye
Reveal what’s on your mind, I will share the thoughts on mine
Let’s get caught up in the middle
Cuddle on the outskirts of time
Let heaven mirror images of our ways with crashing tides

Become the perfect storm beating on my window pane
Hold me in your arms, pluck the strings of night till day
Be my symphony, echoing duet, of you and me
I’ll be your greek philosopher, your Plato, Socrates
Let us write this eve in systemic scheme, align the stars above
And I promise to devote to you
A love beyond unknown

© N.N.Williams 2012, all rights reserved.