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It is the waking hour of a moonless night.

I find myself lying here draped only in the air and darkness that surrounds me,

thinking of you.

Missing you.

Distracted from slumber by overwhelming thought,

I ponder the many with profound hesitation.

Praying for amnesia, I remember.

Defeated in struggle to forget, images in retrospect take shape in my mind’s eye.

Finding solace with the rise of the sun,

shadowed silhouettes of you cloud the hour-glass of shifting sand before me.

Betrayed by time I’m molested by pride, drowned by shame, impregnated with failure and before this thought has passed, I will have given birth to admittance.

Fostered faults, not my own.

Yet and still banished, reproached, I am missing you.

A cool breeze interrupts the processes of my thoughts and strokes the prominence of my facade.

In willful digress, I envision the softest caress, hand with palm to cheek.

I am bewitched by even softer lips, banded to a love fashioned to embrace mine.

But they are not your hands and you are not here and I,

find myself consumed by night’s waking hour, missing you.

© N.N.Williams 2012, all rights reserved.


Elemental Exchange


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Mature Content

It’s been a while since two deep-seated friends have spent some time together. They are talking on the phone into the late of night one evening, when their conversation veers toward that of fantasy, desire and pleasure. Their names are Layla and Desireé. Journey with me as I dare to delve and indulge in a titillating journey into their private and impassioned exchange.

Layla – Hey, I’m sorry we got disconnected but my other phone died.
Desireé – It’s ok, we probably needed the break (lol); we have been on the phone talking for hours.
Layla – Umm yeah so, I think we can take it there one day and yes love does conquer all.
Desireé – Hmm…
Layla – Hmm what?
Desireé – About our statement on threesomes. Didn’t you get the text I sent to your phone?
Layla – No, Anyway, what are you about right now? I want to dance with you.
Desireé – (lol) You know my feverish ass ain’t doing no dancing.
Layla – I know Des, I’m just saying.
Desireé – Ok well, dance for me. Nice and slow. Let me see those curves of yours speak to me. Tell me how you feel and what you want with your eyes and moves. I’m sitting, the lights are dim. The music is playing and it’s just you and I. So, talk to me.
Layla – Damn
Desireé – All I get is damn? Damn.
Layla – I’m slowly moving my body to the music in the background and spread my legs just a little while moving toward you. I turn away from your glance and haltingly sashay my body up and down.
Desireé – Ok so, my interests are peaked now, you have me licking my lips.
Layla – I’m getting closer to you in the chair and my body begins to graze yours. You place your hands on the thickness of my thighs pulling me closer, while my hips continue to move side to side.
Desireé – Passion swells for the ache of my desire. Burning for more, I want to kiss you. My grip tightens on your thighs but you slowly break away.
Layla – I move my body back and forth as though you are standing in front of me and I am dancing with you. Your eyes watch with deepened intent as my movements slither to the floor and up again. I tell you that I’m hot and that I don’t want my clothes on anymore.
Desireé – The aperture of my eyes focus and fix on your motions. In this light I want to see your silken skin. With heart pounding and breath weighted with anticipation I whisper Layla, give me what I want.
Layla – Slowly I start unzipping my pants and seductively begin removing them; pulling them past the revealing black lace that lie beneath.
Desireé – Sipping on some cognac, I recline further into my chair and clear my throat. With increasing appetition, my hands slip between my legs and move to my face. Brushing against my lips, my fingers entice you to continue to undress for me.
Layla – Bending down with legs just slightly spread, I slip the pants off and over my black stilettos one leg at a time. Standing in front of you in all black with just a v-neck tee, lacy panties and stilettos, I look directly into your eyes, walk toward you and ask for you to tell me what you want me to do.
Desireé – Inhaling deeply, I smirk while gazing into you. I tell you I’m in no rush. I want you. All of you tonight, so do what you will.
Layla – Hmm, you put the ball right back in my court. I like that. I step a little closer take the glass from your hand, inhale and sip the cognac while my form straddles your position. You remove the glass from my hands and place it on the adjacent table. Your hands find their way to my thighs and squeeze. My body moves in closer still, positioning my breasts closer to your lips, my nipples become erect. I want you so bad. I begin to feel the heat of your body between my legs and become aware of the moistness that the evening’s events have brought.
Desireé – I tease your nipples with the fullness of my lips. They are taut and tender. My hands find contentment feeling the warmth of your love and the desire in your wetness. Parting my lips close to your ears I bid you to tell me you want me.
Layla – Aflamed, I move my pussy a-top your fingers. I want you inside me so bad, I struggle to resist. I kiss your lips starting out with a gentle and almost imperceptible touch then gradually and with increasing intensity, I wrap my lips around the fullness of your lip’s bottom and begin to suck. I love these lips of yours. I want you Desireé, I want you.
Desireé – My hips begin to move uncontrollably, beads of sweat start to form. I am frustrated by the playful teasing of my lip. I want to embrace the whole of your lips with mine. My fingers slip your panties aside and I feel a bounding pulse between your legs. I feel you pushing your pelvis against my hand; I concede and slide inside. Your venom has poisoned me and I can no longer control the passion I bear for your. I begin to grab and claw. My gentle touch is no longer gentle. I’m ready to fuck! You feel my teeth biting on your nipple and I am deeply moving within you. I motion to rise. We are getting off this fucking chair!
Layla – Baby yes, yes, give it to me! Show me that I’m yours. As we lay down on the floor I anxiously paw for you to be deeper inside my love, to smother me with a blanket of your seething desire. Let our bodies become one. Your breath syncing with mine, as we pant from wanton impregnable motion. Desireé I love you.
Desireé – Faster and deeper, deeper and harder, biting, sucking, breathing. I am going to taste your lustful wetness. Your clit is moist and engorged, my tongue is wet with your rain. I want you to touch heaven tonight. My name you scream in an ailing seductive tone as I feast on the bearer of your sweet nectar. It’s mine Layla, tonight it’s mine.
Layla – I reply it is. I guide your fingers from inside me and motion your tips to my lips. I smile while looking into your eyes and one by one taste my wetness that clings onto them. We engage in a long passionate kiss and I whisper to your hearing, satisfy me. With trembled hands I gently guide your head back to my pleasure point fading to and in-audible sound, satisfy me, satisfy me.
Desireé – Eager to oblige, your wish becomes my command and I willingly dip in retreat to moisten my lips and tongue, bringing you to places un-yet explored.
Layla – Desireé I can’t, Its been so long since we’ve seen each other and I really need to see you. I can’t bear anymore of this overwhelming exchange. Its driving me crazy. I physically need you close to me. I need you in my bed.
Desireé – I’m sorry Layla. I jus thought, I mean, we were…
Layla – Don’t apologize it’s ok. I mean after all, you weren’t exactly talking to yourself now and it was, delectable.
Desireé – Yes it was. That was the most non-physical and mentally intense conversation we have had in a long time.
Layla – (sigh) yeah.

A long silence fills and finalizes this fiery passion filled exchange. Layla has drifted asleep exhausted with desire, but comforted in the knowledge that Desireé presently lay in silent thought of the nights twist on the other end of the line. Desireé whispers a loving goodnight and closes the line on this elemental exchange.

© N.N.Williams 2012, all right reserved.



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Can we come together, once just once?

Release the hand and heart that lay bound by seeded poignant thoughts

Can we converse till tantalizing emotions start?

See past the hatred.

Fancy to pursue peace through walls of stone;

past delusions of self-proclaimed remedy, beyond desires to be alone,

but alone with intimate thoughts of what could…

Once, can we just be?

With nails embedded in and salacity between the beds of our skin,

only once, once more converse, talk dirty to me.

Whisper to me with lips that part the most silent of whispers,

draw me unto thine bed, talk with me.

Utter things of yielding nature.

Manifest knowledge of me in carnal ways with movements that make hips sway in close quarters;

spacing of miles from breasts and legs outstretched before the coolness of heaven,

sprawling amidst brazen flames that burn beneath,

nourish me.

Nurse me with your sustenance and teach me to be sustained.

Teach me to speak, for I have forgotten.

Converse, talk dirty to me that I may break silence and begin a conversation with you.

© N.N.Williams 2012



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A love turned lust, turned rage to dust,

blown by winds of scarlet sand.

Emotions withdrawn replaced with space, emptied cans, silver tarnished, bronze, gone old.

Time’s clock hisses.

A reminder to replace, put shine to colour lacking lacquer and polish rust stained metal.

Stiff rags await the ticking till moisture embraces sedentary threads with creams,

putting laden form to purpose, scouring away idle memories of age.

Time to revive, bring forth anew glint, buff away stains of faded grey stories told.

A reminder to replace, put shine to colour lacking lacquer and polish rust stained metal.

Knuckles bruised in meaningless attempt to bring luster-less to life, from mean and surly words formed.

Flawless love draped over by bleeding balanced worn drapes covering abandoned antiquities worth more than gold,

torn, stifled, silenced to secretes untold.

Time hisses, time ticks.

Clocks chime and beckons amiss.

Look around to hearts not listening, muted bells on blasted drums.

A reminder to replace, put shine to colour lacking lacquer and polish rust stained metal.

Return from dust, furnish to keepsake, buffed to love, ready, steadied,

un-stained to embrace what once scintillated, now gleams to life again.

© N.N.Williams 2012

The Lie


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I am loving, all caring

The best thing since slice bread.

The greatest since the first Ex,

more profound than your future love sutures,

I’m a lie.

I am the love Whitney sang that became a radio great.

The tap on the door that keeps you cumin’ to open it.

The soothing to your ache and pain when you need it,

I’m heartless love, I am the lie.

Selfless with selfish intent,

I sacrifice for you what you couldn’t for me.

The backbone when in need and the spine when you cried,

unappreciated, removed,

I live a lie, I’m dead inside.

I am silent when stressed, a flaw from a tortuous beginning.

Tears lack when there’s cause, a fail to admit that I’m human,

I remember my pride.

Forgetting I bleed like you bleed and cry when you cry,

yet my cheeks remain dry as the tears flow inside misleading the belief, in the lie.

The love I provide nothing can shake or compare when we’re there

knowing this further enhances the truth to words like cherish in premier

standings next to nouns like You.

Deceit, the lie and the trust lies cold, earmarked, growing old, mute to a future untold.

Sold to ideas of the mind that harvest unjustly pickings before its season,

reaping’s of false hope, lack of understanding, miscommunication.

Reruns that skip past true remembrance to play stagnant scenes in a sea of unwanted despair.

Do spare me the part that were through,

the lies about what you believe from these lips to be true.

You know what this is and my needs for you.

The lie is, I hate you, I don’t need you, but I need you.

You wasted my time that I yearn to waste more of, I can’t stand you.

Now tell me the truths, my soul misses you.

My heart stains crimson in sadness because you’re not around.

I think too much about minutes turned days and the weeks my heart spends skipping beats,

beating half without the whole.

Complete me without the lie and the lie will fade to a brightened truth.

Love is stronger than pride and the flaws of you and I

Tell me, is this really the lie?


© N.N.Williams 2012




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Rest your senses on my curves and let your tips feel me.

Close your eyes and let your heart see my soul.

These curves respond in slow roll.

Allow your lips to part, speak command to my weakness.

Stroke my cares with your tension, exhale slowly till your love finds me,

digs deep to penetrate me, becomes me.

Bring rise to flesh lusted in bond, be my suitor, take mine hands and wrap them around your vision.

Inhale the scent of two forged to one in ancient rhythm abiding to laws of the earth, moon, stars and sun,

I’ll be your concubine of one.

A premonition of yesterday’s groove at tomorrows pace, with positions and dimensions of futuristic prisms,

I take thee into me, as these curves lead you to proposition in emotional frenzy.

Calling my name to ease your pain, I shan’t veer these curves to cease.

This drunken motion rhythmic in repetition moving just right to tease

and tease to please the fiery flame seething within me.

Sustained in exhale, exposed, eyes closed, feeling curves with hands, seeing it all,

skin flushed, wet with sweat I’m tired, spent, conceding these curves to rest.


© N.N.Williams 2012

My Liebster Blog Award


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I am grateful, humbled and gladly accepting the Liebster Blog Award nominated to me by

Sahil Khanna My Life Through My Lines Thank you!

This is my very first award of any type since I began blogging on WordPress, so it goes without saying how I’m all about smiles right now.

The Liebster award is given to blogs that have less than 200 followers who deserve encouragement and recognition.

The rules are as follows

  • Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.                                  Sahil Khanna My Life Through My Lines
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  1. One Mere Mortal 
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  3. A look thru Storm Avalon’s eyes
  4. Der Nachtwulf
  5. Dissertations of the Heart
I look forward to and enjoy reading each one of the above blogs. They are inspiring in their ability to capture and share themselves with the individual reader. I know that if you take the time out to visit their blogs you will to. Enjoy!
  • Post the award on your blog.
  • Bask in the love from the people in the blogosphere.
I’m Basking, basking, and still basking 🙂
  • Finally have fun spreading the award love and karma.

Misty Blue


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Water welled up cupping over sand and stone,

more blue than the sea’s reflection mirrored in an upward gaze.

Humidity high, dripping with no hope of soaking in to a mind of protest from

drought and famine, I’m lost seeking to find.

Are you out there somewhere waiting for me, as I search myself for you?

In an instant I find I am alone, misty eyed and blue.

Un-tempered in a universe fitted and sized, my cares cry louder

than the claps of gods that create immortal revelations of thunder.

Yesterday created Genesis.

A millennia pressed in books to erase an eye for an eye, but I find myself

inert in Exodus and second in praise-less testament.

Blind in darkness I struggle to see past the misty blue.

I’m consumed in my search for you.

Nameless I call out, aimless in reach, I paw undiscovered and flawed.

Still, I seek for you in an image that begets she who brought forth rooted

wombs that spring me to be naked and ashamed.

I fail to see the portrait drawn, vision taut, tunneled, misty eyed and blue.

Detached, I’m dragging, drowning in Jonah’s whale, receiving Judah’s fate.

Severed from ties reflected in cinematic shots of bladed knives

dancing on my Achilles,

I hang, prolonging my quest to find the object of my desire.

I lay limp, bowed, on bended, palms tied.

In a box I silently reply, Father I have sinned a thousand times

and will a thousand times more, rambling on past the

Hail Marys to the bless me’s to see past the end.

Bless me just enough to find the one that daily dies and is me inside.

© N.N.Williams 2012



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It’s hard.

The emptiness, the thoughts, it’s hard.

Trying to comprehend the understanding, the thoughtfulness of usted,

you understood.

Why should I?

It’s so hard.

Why would I want to let go of the pain that drives me so.

If I feel I’m alive, if it hurts, tomorrow will soon come or so they say,

but it’s hard.

I agree to disagree.

My understanding lies in ignorance.

I’m vexed and torn within.

Twisted with redundant thoughts, raging with disgust,

why is it so fucking hard?

Living to love, loving to hate living, life, lies and love.

Has it ever been easy, or has easy just been blinded by newness?

Damn, please forward counsel to my innermost chamber, it’s hard.

Hard to overlook the grey dawn, feeling the eerie chill of sunsets black

and seeing the moon brighten up you warmest nightmare.

I’m sweating and cold.

Weakened and emotionless I’m old and it’s hard.

I want and need what needs to want me.

Knowing neither really truly sees but ceases to feel.

Soften the well of waters within that I may know existence without

harshness and indigestible minerals of reality.

To know that hardness is in part and not the whole,

I pray take courage my soul.

Take courage my soul and let me carry on.

Lead me to the place where I can be found.

To a place of rock and mountain that I may hide within.

Kiss me softly and allow the transient energy of bliss to flow through me,

conduct around me.

Let this be written, not hidden, but viewed in plain sight, so if but

for one moment in time, this time, it’s really not so hard.

© N.N.Williams 2011

Text (Mature Content)


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It’s just a text.

A simple fuckin’ text, but my body responds and leaves my, feminine wet.

Jest in text, now I want sex and sex and more passionate fuckin’ sex

but still sex and sex with you.

Black pearls and lace, blind folds and whips with clips of taboo

that echo in the background.

Nude on my back I desire to be found.

Miles between my thighs and in my bed I’m high, riding cloud nine.

I find rest without regret to attest the best in moments like these when,

the sweat drips from my lips and swears slip off my tongue.

I admit you’ve won so we’re done and

I’m tired but inspired still dripping, straight tripping off the x in text.

It’s silent again with nothing to do, looking down, chime in anew,

tsk tsk,

I guess now it’s time for text, round two.

© N.N.Williams 2012

The Wondering Wish


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My mind fell so deep into thoughts of thinking of you

Wondering if you were ok, wishing that thread counts babe your countenance to a peaceful slumber.

These things I think and feel albeit wrong and inappropriate,

I hasten to echo my thoughts from this lonely corner of my depths.

I envision your smile, bright and perfect.

I feel your nature strong with poise.

Your joyous laughter bellows within and yet, I wonder.

I wonder of a wish that beckons you to thoughts of me.

A wish of orgasmic trysts, cameras, cuffs, whips of cream

and beatings that only exist within your most secrete of dreams.

Wishes welled and deep flowing like the ripples made from tear drops sinking on your body ripped,

God damn I wish!

I wish the eye in me,

the we that seeds your hardness in she.

The wish that ish’ is so ridiculous, the come to me that cums indeed.

The sweat that drips from soaked sponges wet,

the mesh that binds our grind into something off the table of elements.

It’s, it’s me and I still wish.

Wishing for four-score and seven years on my back beneath thee.

Wishing wars in lust, passion in pain and collides that seduce to produce the product

on my skin brown waiting to be found,

I wish and I wonder and I wish, that

I could simply tell you.

© N.N.Williams 2011





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Uncontested and underrated is, unconditional.

Insurmountable and tangible is, what one expects.

Promises formed in arousal, sexual ecstasy,

dreamed up fantasy and forgotten trust.

Unconditional is, as unconditional does,

never one to realize how conditional the “un” becomes,

or how real the lies really were.

Vows that bow to breaks leading to falls from heights unseen,

fairy tales foreshadowing a lover’s heart and hidden true deeds.

Come on baby, you know my love is unconditional.

One side step by step,

I step on do and you rise higher than we, soaring in clouds so thick

neither of us can see that, unconditional became the vernacular

of what we wanted it to be.

But, I love you and I need you and I’ll have you as long as,

the costume fits, you come 5’6 with, thighs thick, eyes brown,

sit down when I frown, say yes to my mess,

written lines memorized, stand in this square and always be aware

as simple conditions, just my rendition of

un-conditional love.

© N.N.Williams 2012

This Crazy Crazy


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Just let me taste the nectar of your world.

Let the energy flow.

Your taste to my buds and let us reminisce sensuality as deja vu.

Place your heart upon this pillow of love and take mine hand, as we travel this distant trip to my soul.

Usher your hesitation away with ecstasy.

Become wisdom whimpering seasons of lust.

This brown of skin, your hips my thighs,

both our bodies entwined.

Others dredge thoughts for enlightenment but can not fathom all the depths of this ocean in love.

Be this, exist beside me from within.

Infatuate in fondness of enchantment.

Promise me forever in a day and your warmth upon night.

Let your lips part to utter my salvation, for you hold my essence in heart.

Let this adoration guide the falls of paradise and even though I shan’t swear,

I do and will forever with you.

© N.N.Williams 2009